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You have inventory slots equal to your Brawn minus your AC. Items not worn or carried in the hands take up slots, and are assumed to be stowed in a backpack. Each slot can hold up to 200 coins and gems.

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The standard unit of currency is the silver piece (sp), which may be broken into 10 copper pennies (cp). Fifty silver pieces are worth 1 gold pound (gp).

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Melee Weapons

  • Small. 4sp. 1d6-1 damage. Ignores armour when enemies are prone.
  • Medium. 8sp. 1d6 damage.
  • Large. 12sp. 1d6 damage with advantage. +2 to initiative.

Ranged Weapons

  • Small. 4sp. 1d6-1 damage. -2 to initiative.
  • Medium. 8sp. 1d6 damage.
  • Large. 12sp. 1d6 damage with advantage. Ignores armour.

Reloading a small ranged weapon is a free action.

Reloading a medium ranged weapon takes a move action.

Reloading a large ranged weapon takes an entire round.

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Armour & Shields

  • Light. 30sp. AC 3.
  • Medium. 50sp. AC 5.
  • Heavy. 80sp. AC 7.
  • Shield. 15sp. +1 AC.
  • Helmet. 10sp. Can be sacrificed to negate a single damage roll.

Unarmoured characters have AC 0.

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The dungeon lacks light. You must provide your own.

A candle, torch, or lantern sheds enough light to illuminate a single room. Every other Turn, a player with a light makes a light check by rolling the source's light dice. The GM may choose to make this roll in place of the player. If the result is greater than 4, increase the number of dice for the next check. If the result on 3d6 is greater than 4, the light is extinguished.

  • Candle, 3d6. 1cp
  • Torch, 2d6. 1sp
  • Lantern, 1d6. 7sp

When the light source is threatened by wind or moisture, add an additional die to the roll. If your roll totals more than 4 it goes out, regardless of the number of dice being used.

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Adventuring Gear

Item Cost
Backpack 2sp
Bell 1sp
Belt pouch* 1sp
Birdcage 5cp
Block and tackle 5sp
Bucket 5cp
Chain (per ft.)** 3sp
Canvas (per sq. yard) 1sp
Chalk 1cp
Crampons 4sp
Crowbar 3sp
Drill, iron 5sp
Dry rations (per week) 10sp
Glass bottle 10sp
Grappling hook 75sp
Holy water (flask) 25sp
Hourglass 25sp
Kayak 5gp
Ladder, 10 ft. 5sp
Lamp oil (flask) 6cp
Lard, pint 5cp
Lockpicks 30sp
Magnifying glass 2gp
Map or scroll case 1sp
Mirror, small metal 10sp
Pickaxe 20sp
Piton 3cp
Pole (10 ft.) 2sp
Pulley 25sp
Reed, hollow 1cp
Rope (per 50ft.) 10sp
Salt (per lb.) 1cp
Shovel 10sp
Signal whistle 8cp
Soap (per lb.) 5cp
Spyglass 20gp
Tent*** 5sp

* Can store one item, which can be accessed instantly in combat as though you rolled exactly your Cunning.
** Every 5 feet of chain carried uses one inventory slot.
*** Sleeps two people.

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Hirelings looking for work can be found in most settlements.

When you hire a hireling, roll 1d3 to determine their HD.

  • Guide. 2sp per day to show the way.
  • Torchbearer. 2sp per day to carry things and light a path. Has HD + 6 inventory slots.
  • Tunnel Digger. 5sp per day to dig tunnels.
  • Sellsword. 10sp per day to fight (light armour, medium melee weapon, small ranged weapon or medium armour, small melee weapon, heavy ranged weapon).

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