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a dungeon game

With thanks to the Penicillin Committee and the Slaughterhouse Seven.

Everything by Chris Bissette.

This is the second edition of a dragon game.

A digital mockup of a softcover zine resting on a rusty floor. The cover shows an adventurer walking along a path that fades into smoke. While they look at towers in the distance, a dragon looms out of the darkness behind them. The title reads The Moss Mother's Maze, an adventure for a dungeon game.
The first adventure for A Dungeon Game will be available in June 2023.
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Anyone may publish free or commercial material based upon and/or declaring compatibility with "a dungeon game" without express written permission from the publisher, Loot The Room, as long as they adhere to the following terms:

If your product declares compatibility with a dungeon game you must state the following in your legal text and on any websites from which a commercial product is sold: “[product name] is an independent production by [publisher name] and is not affiliated with Loot The Room.”

Loot The Room takes no responsibility for any legal claims against your product.

The mechanics and concepts of "a dungeon game” may be reused freely.

The text of "a dungeon game” may not be used verbatim.

Play Reports

3rd Party Publications


  • 22/05/2023 - Updated the rules for light to reflect the way I actually run the game. These are largely taken from The Vanilla Game, though the addition of the light saving throw is unique to A Dungeon Game. These changes to light also impact Surprise & Encounter Distance.
  • 17/05/2023 - Updated character creation to make the process more streamlined and require less moving back and forth through the rules. Updated rules about Rituals to clarify how often they can be used. Added rules for creating and using spell scrolls. Made backpacks actually useful.
  • 30/01/2023 - Updated advancement track to bring Recovery Die in line with the game only using d6 and d20 die types. Added a new play report from Nick Spence.
  • 27/01/2023 - Altered advancement track so that hitting Level 2 has more chance of increasing max health.
  • 21/01/2023 - Replaced some words in the Ritual generator ("Limerant" becomes "Hungering", removed duplicate of "Hate" and replaced with "Sword"). Clarified the rules around gaining new Scars upon reaching 0 health and added a Dying section to the Violence page.
  • 17/01/2023 - Added an example of play. Added character sheets (hosted on itch.io).
  • 16/01/2023 - Added adventuring gear and prices. Updated the rules to cover accessing equipment in combat.
  • 15/01/2023 - Added new monsters (Crawling Hand, Ghost, Giant Spider, Shadow, Wight) and updated all monsters with # Appearing. Added a list of play reports and 3rd party publications. If you've written anything for A Dungeon Game and want me to list it, drop me an email and let me know about it!
  • 21/11/2022 - Removed the word "Love" from the Ritual Generator and replaced it with "Swarm".
  • 18/11/2022 - Added missing Surprise/Reactions/Distance, Morale, and Combat Rounds sections to Violence.
  • 17/11/2022 - Fixed broken link on Doing Things. Added three new monsters: Banshee, Doppleganger, and Kakodemon.