Characters being play at Level 1. Your Adventurer Level, and the benefits it provides to you, are dictated by your Experience Points (XP) and indicated on the chart that follows.

You gain XP for overcoming challenges and gathering wealth.

For each silver piece you extract from the wilds, you gain 1 XP. Monsters give 100 XP per hit die, whether defeated, avoided, or captured. All XP earned is split evenly among the party.

When you reach a new XP threshold and advance a level, roll your new Health Dice. If the amount rolled is greater than your current maximum health, increase it to the new total. Otherwise, increase it by one. You do not add half your Brawn score to this new roll; that bonus is only granted at the first level.

At higher levels you can safely perform more Rituals without having to exert yourself. (See Safe Rituals Per Day.) The number of Rituals you can safely perform is equal to half your Adventurer Level + 1, rounded down, and is given in the final column on the chart.

XP Threshold Level Health Die Recovery Die Safe Rituals/Day
0 1 1d6 1d3 1
2,500 2 2d6 1d3+1 2
5,000 3 2d6+1 1d3+1 2
10,000 4 3d6 1d3+1 3
20,000 5 3d6+1 1d3+2 3
35,000 6 4d6 1d6 4
50,000 7 5d6 1d6 4
75,000 8 6d6 1d6+1 5
100,000 9 7d6 1d6+1 5
200,000 10 8d6 1d6+2 6