A Dungeon Game
Appendix N - Games In the last post I talked about some of the fiction that has had an impact on A Dungeon Game. Today I want to talk about some of the other games Apr 24, 2024 Blog & Appendix N Appendix N - Games Apr 24, 2024 Blog & Appendix N In the last post I talked about some of the fiction that has had an impact on A Dungeon Game. Today I want to talk about some of the other games Appendix N - Fiction Apr 2, 2024 Blog & Appendix N James at Grognardia wrote a good post about the problems of D&D’s Appendix N, namely that it’s just an un-annotated list of works that doesn’t Dungeon Generation and Treasure Tables Mar 18, 2024 devlog After a lot of work, I’m happy to report that A Dungeon Game now has robust dungeon generation tools and treasure tables for dungeons up to level 9. Using This Website Mar 17, 2024 Getting Started This site contains the full and up to date text of A Dungeon Game. PDF and epub versions can be downloaded from Itch.io. Devlogs at Itch.io and New Player Guides Mar 13, 2024 Getting Started & Releases & Resources The Moss Mother’s Maze comes with two pamphlets aimed at new players and GMs: So You Want To Explore A Dungeon and So You Want To Run A Dungeon Downloadable Files Updated Mar 13, 2024 Core Rules & devlog Apologies for two devlogs in a single day! The game has had a little bit of attention on Twitter today, and that was the impetus I needed to update Beneath The Cobbles Mar 7, 2024 Releases is now available on itch.io. A small 9 room dungeon generated using the soon-to-be-released dungeon generation tools and Sample Characters Mar 6, 2024 Getting Started & Characters These example/pre-generated characters were provided with The Moss Mother’s Maze. A = Agility B = Brawn C = Cunning H = Health S = Scars A 12 B 13 C Devlog - Outdoor Survival Mar 5, 2024 devlog As I begin work on The Fractured Nations I realised that this game doesn’t currently have rules for overland exploration. I’ve now fixed that. Devlog - Dual Wielding Mar 1, 2024 devlog A very minor devlog today. I realised that players always want to dual wield melee weapons in games and that I don’t have any way to handle that, so Play Report - FEAST Feb 26, 2024 Adventures & devlog I’m making an effort to write more play reports of my games. They’re an important part of the scene that I don’t think we see enough of any more, Conversion Guide - FEAST Feb 26, 2024 Releases This conversion guide is for use with FEAST. Creature and NPC stats are listed in the location where they appear in the text. For more information Devlog - Minor fixes & Treasure Tables Feb 4, 2024 devlog It was pointed out to me that the “Choose an Extra” roll table in Character Creation wasn’t numbered. It is now. It was also pointed out that the The Moss Mother's Maze - Full Release Jun 29, 2023 Releases The Moss Mother’s Maze is now available for purchase and download, in multiple editions. The digital edition is available from Itch.io at two price The Moss Mother's Maze - Online Edition Jun 20, 2023 Releases An adventure for levels 1-3 for use with A Dungeon Game. Beneath a desolate moor lies an enigmatic maze, its twisted corridors teeming with A Heist Game Jun 11, 2023 3rd Party Press Nick Spence has just released the ashcan edition of his hack of A Dungeon Game. Called A Heist Game, it takes the framework of.A Dungeon Game and June Update Jun 6, 2023 Devlog I got tired of the old website because it looked very ugly, so I’ve transferred everything over to Blot. This is a temporary measure until the The Moss Mother's Maze May 28, 2023 Announcements Long live the Moss Mother. Long reign the Queen of Rot. Take your first look at the cover of The Moss Mother’s Maze, the first adventure for A