This page details some of the people and creatures players might meet as they explore the dungeon.

The people and creatures who exist in the game world are not enemies by default. They become enemies either when the player characters instigate violence, or when a reaction roll gives a result indicating hostility. At this point the details in the Enemies section become relevant.

If players attempt to diffuse hostile situations non-violently the GM should feel free to make a new reaction roll, modifying it as desired based on the fictional context.


Hirelings looking for work can be found in most settlements.

When you hire a hireling, roll 1d3 to determine their HD.

  • Guide. 2sp per day to show the way.
  • Torchbearer. 2sp per day to carry things and light a path. Has HD + 6 inventory slots.
  • Tunnel Digger. 5sp per day to dig tunnels.
  • Sellsword. 10sp per day to fight (light armour, medium melee weapon, small ranged weapon or medium armour, small melee weapon, heavy ranged weapon).

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Enemies do not have the same attributes as player characters. Their main attribute is Hit Dice (HD), which dictates their other abilities.

Enemies have HDd6 health. When their health reaches 0 they are dead. The GM can roll this health in advance as part of preparation for the adventure, or simply roll it when enemies are encountered in the dungeon and it becomes relevant.

Enemy attacks do 1d6 damage unless noted otherwise. When they roll exactly their Attack, their damage is doubled.

Enemy Attack value is equal to 11+HD (maximum 19).

Enemies make saving throws by rolling under 10 + HD on 1d20. Rolling exactly their number means they are immune to that effect for the rest of the encounter.

Enemies of HD 1-3 have one attack per Round, HD 4-7 have two attacks, HD 8-11 have three, and HD 12+ four.

# Appearing indicates an average group size for a given encounter. The GM should adjust this to taste when creating wandering encounter tables and encounters for their own adventures.

In all cases the GM should remember that sentient creatures have desires and drives of their own, and should roleplay them in a way that reflects their context within the fiction of the game.

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Scarred Creatures

Particularly powerful or notorious creatures - human or otherwise - may have Scars from previous violent encounters. Creatures with Scars use the same rules as players, including the rules surrounding Dying. Use your best judgement as to how many Scars non-player characters should possess.

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Creature List

What follows is a selection of non-human creatures for GMs to utilise in their games. More will be published in future adventures and supplements, and you should feel free to invent your own.

A guide to converting creatures from other fantasy adventure games can be found at bit.ly/ltr-adg-convert.


Nothing you could be told about a bear will ever prepare you to meet one in the flesh.

HD 6 AC 6 # Appearing 1d6

May forego moving to hug for 2d6 damage.

Bears will continue to fight beyond the point of mortal damage. At the end of a round in which the bear took damage and has 0 health, roll equal to or under HD on 1d20. On a success, the bear continues fighting.

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Black Pudding

It’s said that the animals crawled out of the primordial ooze. It’s also said that the ooze wants them back.

HD 10 AC 6 # Appearing 1d3

When the black pudding attacks and misses, reduce the AC of the enemy’s armour by 1. If the enemy is unarmoured deal 1d3 damage even on failed attacks.

When struck with slashing or lightning attacks the black pudding divides instead of taking damage. Split its HD among the new puddings.

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Carrion Crawler

Deep beneath the ground the cockroaches grow to monstrous size, some as big as horses. They pick the bones of the earth, feasting on all things bloated and rotting.

HD 3 AC 3/8 # Appearing 1d6

Those who manage to aim their attacks at the soft belly of the crawler find that the flesh is more pliant there. AC 8 only on its underside, which it protects at all costs.

Enemies struck by the carrion crawler must make a Brawn saving throw or be paraylsed for 1d6 Rounds.

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Crawling Hand

What do you do when your own hands turn against you? Cut them off, and hope that they become someone else’s problem.

HD 2 AC 3 # Appearing 1d20

Crushing grip deals 2d6 damage to enemies wearing light or no armour.

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To accept the existence of the doppelganger is to accept that they could be anyone. Your lover, your friend, the man who serves you dinner. They could be the face in your reflection. The voice in your head. Better to pretend they aren’t out there, thinking about you.

HD as enemy AC as enemy # Appearing 2d6+1

Once they have seen you, they can become you.

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Giant lizards, ancient and bored. The choice to give some of them wings was a cruel one.

HD 8 or more AC equivalent to HD # Appearing 1

Every third Round the dragon exhales. 3d6+HD damage.

Vain and greedy, a dragon is always open to offers of great wealth in exchange for mercy.

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Gelatinous Cube

The growl of an empty stomach, acid bile rising in the throat in search of nourishment. If it were to spill out, coagulate, enough of it to fill a room, it might create such a creature as this.

HD 4 AC 3 # Appearing 1

Invisible until it moves.

Those consumed are paralysed. Its acid burns them, reducing Brawn by 1d3 permanently each round they spend being digested.

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Some acts of violence are so depraved that they stain the soul of a place.

HD 10 AC 10/0 # Appearing 1

Can only be harmed by magic weapons or silver. When invisible, AC is 10. Becomes semi-visible to attack (AC 0) for one Round.

When struck by a ghost, age 1d3x10 years instantly.

While invisible the ghost can attempt to possess creatures it can see. Cunning save to resist.

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Giant Spider


HD 3 AC 5 # Appearing 1d6+2

Never surprised on their webs.

Attacks twice per Round.

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When the humans came they drove those here before them underground. There they learned new ways to survive, and that the intruders were not to be trusted.

HD 1 AC as Armour # Appearing 4d6

Damage as Weapon.

They don’t test Morale, they simply flee. Some call it cowardice. They call it survival.

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Hill Giant

One day they will descend from their peaks and do to the humans what they did to the goblins.

HD 12 AC as Armour # Appearing 2d6

Damage as Weapon+1d6.

2-in-6 chance they catch missiles, returning them to their point of origin.

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Look into their eyes and tell them they are naught but tools.

Draft Horse

HD 3 AC 4 # Appearing 1

Will only fight if cornered.

Riding Horse

HD 3AC 4 # Appearing 5d6

Attacks twice per round. Only fights if cornered or if driven to violence by rider.

War Horse

HD 4 AC 4 or as Armour # Appearing 1

Will fight independently of rider. Attacks three times per round: two kicks and a bite.

When bitten for 4+ damage, make a Brawn saving throw versus the damage dealt1. On a failure, gain a new Scar.


In the great academies of magic they warn of the dangers of excess curiosity. There are places where abominations dwell, bulbous floating creatures of too many eyes and even more teeth who see us as children see ants. To extend yourself too much is to risk reaching into that place and drawing one of these things out.

HD 8-12 AC 16 minus HD # Appearing 1

Never surprised. Rituals it witnesses being cast fizzle out with no effect. On its go in combat it only moves, but it shoots each enemy with its eye beams at the end of their go.

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Purple Worm

It’s a small mercy that they shy away from the sun, because if they were to come to the surface then civlisation couldn’t hope to survive. They are the writhing intenstines of the earth, and they are famished.

HD 15 AC 7 # Appearing 1

Damage 2d6.

When it deals 8 or more damage it swallows its foe. A swallowed creature dies in 1d6 Rounds and digested in 1d6 hours. Death in this manner prevents being raised from the dead.

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Rust Monster

When the shrimp moved out of the ocean and onto the earth they grew to the size of mastiffs, but algae and moss could never hope to nourish such a beast. Instead their appetites turned to baser things - metal, and bone, and the flesh that sits between them.

HD 5 AC 9 # Appearing 1d3

Metal weapons deal no damage, turning instantly to rust.

When the rust monster attacks, reduce the AC of the enemy’s armour by 1 unless the rust monster rolled over its Attack. If it rolls exactly the enemy’s AC, reduce that AC by 2.

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Sometimes the shifting shadows are just a trick of the light. Other times, it’s a trick of the dark.

HD 3 AC 7 # Appearing 1d20+1

Can only be harmed by silver or magic. When struck, Brawn save of lose 1 point of Brawn permanently in addition to normal damage.

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Cancer spreads, by its nature. When the earth sprouts tumours they rip themselves from the ground, shuffling husks of moss and stone that know nothing other than pain and decay. The only treatment is to lance them.

HD 6 AC 5 # Appearing 2d6-1

Heals 1d6 health each Round it wasn’t struck by fire or acid. Each time they reach 0 health and are left to recover, gain 1 HD.

Roll Morale immediately if it sees fire.

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The most monstrous of men are buried face down at the crossroads, still alive when they are interred, left to scream into the earth until their black hearts finally stop. Pray they never wrench themselves free of the dirt.

HD 4 AC 5 # Appearing 3d6

Deals damage directly to Cunning, bypassing health. This damage doesn’t recover through rest. Characters reduced to 0 Cunning die, rising again as wights under the control of the one who killed them in 1d6 days.

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The bones of the dead seek each other out, fusing together in obscene angles, dragging themselves through the dirt in search of new flesh to join the amalgamation. When the marrow has rotted away the wind whistles through the gaps, playing the only song it knows - longing, and rage.

HD 7 AC 6 # Appearing 1

Those who hear the whistling must make a Cunning saving throw. On a failure they are overcome by the desire to shed their flesh and fuse their bones to the conglomeration. The urge only subsides once they are no longer able to hear the whistles.

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  1. Roll under your Brawn but over the damage taken.↩︎