Core Rules

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Quick Reference Learning & Core Rules Agility: Dodge, tumble, run, shoot. Brawn: Lift, push, resist, hit. Cunning: Spot, sneak deceive, cast. See Attributes Roll under attribute on Downloadable Files Updated Mar 13, 2024 Core Rules & devlog Apologies for two devlogs in a single day! The game has had a little bit of attention on Twitter today, and that was the impetus I needed to update Exploration Core Rules Dungeon Exploration Overland Travel Wagons & Carts Getting Lost Shelter Encounters Time in the dungeon is measured in exploration turns Table of Contents Core Rules Links to every section of the game to aid referencing. Character Creation Roll Attributes Roll an Extra Determine Health Roll an Occupation Choose Advancement Characters & Core Rules Characters being play at Level 1. Your Adventurer Level, and the benefits it provides to you, are dictated by your Experience Points (XP) and Doing Things Core Rules This page covers the core mechanisms of A Dungeon Game. No ruleset could possibly hope to cover every eventuality that may arise during play. When