Getting Started

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Using This Website Mar 17, 2024 Getting Started This site contains the full and up to date text of A Dungeon Game. PDF and epub versions can be downloaded from Itch.io. Devlogs at Itch.io and New Player Guides Mar 13, 2024 Getting Started & Releases & Resources The Moss Mother’s Maze comes with two pamphlets aimed at new players and GMs: So You Want To Explore A Dungeon and So You Want To Run A Dungeon Sample Characters Mar 6, 2024 Getting Started & Characters These example/pre-generated characters were provided with The Moss Mother’s Maze. A = Agility B = Brawn C = Cunning H = Health S = Scars A 12 B 13 C Character Creation Getting Started & Scars & Characters Step By Step Character Creation Roll Attributes Roll an Extra Determine Health Roll an Occupation Choose Scars (Optional) Learn Rituals Name Example Of Play Learning & Getting Started The party is exploring a section of the dungeon they haven’t seen before. As they travel down a new corridor, Steph (the GM) checks for wandering