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Dungeon Generation and Treasure Tables Mar 18, 2024 devlog After a lot of work, I’m happy to report that A Dungeon Game now has robust dungeon generation tools and treasure tables for dungeons up to level 9. Downloadable Files Updated Mar 13, 2024 Core Rules & devlog Apologies for two devlogs in a single day! The game has had a little bit of attention on Twitter today, and that was the impetus I needed to update Devlog - Outdoor Survival Mar 5, 2024 devlog As I begin work on The Fractured Nations I realised that this game doesn’t currently have rules for overland exploration. I’ve now fixed that. Devlog - Dual Wielding Mar 1, 2024 devlog A very minor devlog today. I realised that players always want to dual wield melee weapons in games and that I don’t have any way to handle that, so Play Report - FEAST Feb 26, 2024 Adventures & devlog I’m making an effort to write more play reports of my games. They’re an important part of the scene that I don’t think we see enough of any more, Devlog - Minor fixes & Treasure Tables Feb 4, 2024 devlog It was pointed out to me that the “Choose an Extra” roll table in Character Creation wasn’t numbered. It is now. It was also pointed out that the June Update Jun 6, 2023 Devlog I got tired of the old website because it looked very ugly, so I’ve transferred everything over to Blot. This is a temporary measure until the