Wilderness Exploration

As I begin work on The Fractured Nations I realised that this game doesn’t currently have rules for overland exploration. I’ve now fixed that. Eventually this will also include rules for sea travel, but we’re not quite there yet.


Overland travel rules also necessitate rules for mounts. Rules for mounts necessitate stats for horses. I’ve always said that horses should be scary in adventure games, so I put my money where their mouths are.

Up next Devlog - Dual Wielding A very minor devlog today. I realised that players always want to dual wield melee weapons in games and that I don’t have any way to handle that, so Sample Characters These example/pre-generated characters were provided with The Moss Mother’s Maze. A = Agility B = Brawn C = Cunning H = Health S = Scars A 12 B 13 C
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