After a lot of work, I’m happy to report that A Dungeon Game now has robust dungeon generation tools and treasure tables for dungeons up to level 9.

I’m currently working on a supplement that will give a worked example of the dungeon generation procedure in action as well as providing a handful of pre-generated dungeons using the tools and stocked with the treasure tables. I don’t have a release date for that yet, but Beneath The Cobbles is still available as a Pay What You Want release and provides an example of a dungeon created using these tables.

The treasure tables don’t yet contain write-ups of magic items, which are also in progress. Additionally I am drafting tables for generating sentient magic weapons, as all magic weapons in A Dungeon Game are intelligent. There is no such thing as a simple +1 longsword here. As with the dungeon supplement I don’t have a release date for this yet, but you should feel free to convert items from other games or invert your own in the meantime.

If you create any dungeons or magic items for use with this tool please do email me to let me know about it!

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