A Heist GameA mockup of an A5 book. A golden statue of a dragon’s head sits on an black pedestal, illuminated by a shaft of light from above that cuts through the purple background. Smoke swirls in the light, bisected by broken lines of white and yellow light reminiscent of laser beams that descend from the top right corner and cut across the image toward the bottom left. A silhouette of a grasping hand reaches into the image from outside the frame to the right, fingers outstretched as it tries to take hold of the statue. Hand-lettered white text above the image reads 'A Heist Game.'

Nick Spence has just released the ashcan edition of his hack of A Dungeon Game. Called A Heist Game, it takes the framework of.A Dungeon Game and applies it to - you guessed it - heists and crime capers!

The ashcan is available as pay what you want on itch. I designed the cover for it, and if I say so myself I think it looks pretty damn good.

Nick has previously written The Psilocanth and Special Hirelings for A Dungeon Game.

Up next June Update I got tired of the old website because it looked very ugly, so I’ve transferred everything over to Blot. This is a temporary measure until the The Moss Mother's Maze - Online Edition
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